Open house updates SG drainage plan

By on February 24, 2012

by Keith Beebe
SUGAR GROVE—The Village of Sugar Grove on Tuesday hosted an Open House for the Mallard Point/Rolling Oaks area drainage project.

Village trustees and staff were on hand to answer residents’ questions about the drainage project, including the village’s current stance in a deal with Rob Roy Drainage District No. 2 and three land owners that would allow for the installation of a pipe—18 inches in diameter and 8,800 feet long—meant to convey water from the two subdivisions to the Drainage District ditch located near Jericho Road and Route 30.

“In the case of Rob Roy Drainage District, they have already approved an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) that is acceptable to the village, so the board intends to approve that next week (at a special meeting on Feb. 28),” Village Administrator Brent Eichelberger said. “With the property owners and the easements, we believe all the substantive issues are worked out. The latest draft of an easement agreement is now in the property owners’ hands, and we’re waiting for a response from them. I mean, there has been some back and forth (talk). There was a lot of conversation that happened after that initial ‘We’re done’ (the village on Jan. 4 announced it was walking away from the deal), and it’s gone back and forth a little bit. Right now, it’s in their hands.”

Following approval of the Rob Roy Drainage District IGA, the next steps for the drainage project will include an easement agreement, special assessment, Army Corps of Engineers approval, project bid approval, a Kane County IGA, pond/wetland proposal approval and SSA levy.

A short Power Point presentation was given by Mark Bushnell, project engineer for Trotter and Associates. The presentation outlined the project goal to “lower the groundwater table within the Mallard Point/Rolling Oaks area through gravity pipes, and improve the performance of the pond/wetland,” and documented the “routing of flows (agricultural tile, groundwater and stormwater detention) into a bypass tile to South.”

According to Bushnell’s presentation, the summary of cost allocation and annual res-idential payment is $2,084,236.24 ($1,048,715.16 for residents, $863,996.37 for the village, and $171,524.71 for the county). The total annual payment for year one is simply the special assessment payment-$394.10 for Mallard Point residents and $120.29 for Rolling Oaks. For years two through 20, an annual pond/wetland maintenance fee of $54.59 for Mallard Point residents and $36.85 for Rolling Oaks residents will be added to the special assessment payment, resulting in a total payment of $448.69 and $157.14, respectively.

The presentation also noted that the pond/wetland maintenance payments are based on current dollars and will increase with inflation over time. According to Bushnell’s presentation, pond/wetland maintenance includes excavation of pockets around pond inlets/outlets, removal of woody tree species and shrub species, prescribed burning of wetlands, and herbicides and planting in wetland areas.

By the numbers
Summary of cost allocation and annual residential payment:

• $1,048,715.16 from residents
• $863,996.37 from the village
• $171,524.71 from the county

Total annual payment for year one
$394.10 /Mallard Point property
$120.29 /Rolling Oaks property

Years 2 through 20
Pond/wetland maintenance fee
$54.59 /Mallard Point property*
$36.85 /Rolling Oaks property*

Total payment
$448.69 /Mallard Point property
$157.14 /Rolling Oaks property