Kaneland seeks committee members

By on February 24, 2012

Kaneland—Kaneland School District seeks to add members to its Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC), Finance Advisory Committee (FAC) and the Kaneland Foundation.

The mission of the CAC is to improve Kaneland schools by advising the administration and School Board regarding educational and other issues facing the district. Members study and deliberate problems, issues and questions of concern to the district and report the results of their studies to the elected officials who serve on the School Board. The CAC also advises the board regarding policies of the district and facilitates cooperation and communication in educational matters between the school and the community.

The mission of the FAC is to improve the education of the children, youth and adults of the district by monitoring financial issues and trends facing the district and advising the School Board regarding them.

The Kaneland Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has contributed for decades to the educational needs of the students of the district. Its mission is to support academic excellence through innovation. Foundation members meet several times during the school year and host and annual golf outing held in September each year.

In preparing to add members to these committees and to the foundation, the selection committees will seek representation from the various attendance areas within the Kaneland community. The district seeks a cross section of opinions and educational perspectives with a general ability to work constructively with others.

More than 50 percent of Kaneland households have no school-aged children in them, and those households should be represented on the committees. If interested in learning more about the committees or the foundation, contact Beth Sterkel at (630) 365-5111, ext. 109, or at beth.sterkel@ kaneland.org. Applications are due Friday, March 2.