Maple Park Water Department seeks budget item for well house upkeep

By on February 4, 2012

by David Maas
MAPLE PARK—During the Maple Park Committee of the Whole discussion of the 2012-13 budget on Tuesday, Bob O’Connor came before the board to discuss the needs of the village’s Water Department.

“The main problem is the room that holds the chlorine in the well house,” O’Connor said. “We don’t need to change the system; we just need to seal off the containers.”

Currently, the tops of the drums that hold the fluoride and chlorine do not screw on, allowing the gasses to escape, and fill the room.

“At that point it is basically mustard gas,” said O’Connor.

Even with the ventilation system, the atmosphere in the room is less than ideal for the electronic components in the room.

“The gasses in the room wears the various meters and machines out much faster then they should,” O’Connor said, “We need to upgrade these drums to ones that have screw on tops, completely riding the room of its current problems.”

To upgrade the four drums, O’Connor believes it would be about $300 to $400 per drum, and while not needed, he also believes two additional meters could benefit the room.

“It is my recommendation that we replace the drums, and add two meters,” O’Connor said. “It would make the job much easier while measuring out the chemicals.”

While the budget will not be finalized until next month’s Village Board meeting, they did realize that this is something that needs consideration.

“The replacement of these drums would be a safety feature, as well,” trustee Debra Armstrong said. “Even with the safety gear being used, it still sounds like it’s still dangerous to have to be in the well house.”