Crime rate low in Elburn despite more calls for service

By on April 2, 2009

by Martha Quetsch
In 2008, crime statistics for Elburn show that the village still is one of the safest communities in the nation, state and county, Police Chief Jim Linane reported.

Last year, 11.2 serious crimes were committed per 1,000 of the village’s approximately 4,721 residents. In comparison, serious crimes in 2007, including thefts, burglaries and assaults, numbered 10.8 per 1,000 residents.

Linane said even with the slight increase in 2008, Elburn still rates very low in serious crimes. In Kane County as a whole, for example, serious crimes numbered approximately 22 per 1,000 residents.

Elburn’s low crime rate in 2008 is particularly notable because police activity has increased during that time, Linane said.

“The department as a whole is just busier,” Linane said.

Linane said calls for police service have expanded as the population has increased. In 2008, calls for service rose 37.5 percent from the previous year. Calls numbered 20,626, compared to 15,004 in 2007.

During 2008, the department also boosted community services.

“The officers continue to work with the community, getting out of the squads and doing “Walk and Talk” business checks, Linane said.

The Police Department conducted 14,605 business checks in 2008, compared to 9,011 in 2007; did 646 vacation house checks, compared to 528 in 2007; and distributed crime prevention notices throughout the community.

Another positive statistic for 2008 relates to vehicle crashes.

“We have been gradually coming down in the number of accidents in the village,” Linane said.

Accidents decreased 18 percent in 2008 from the previous year. Linane said the village’s traffic enforcement program, along with education programs, have helped make the village’s roads safer.

Accidents numbered 100 in Elburn in 2008, compared to 122 in 2007. The intersection with the most crashes was Route 47 and Keslinger Road, with eight accidents, compared to 16 in 2007.

Linane also reported that juvenile crime in Elburn is “very low,” and said he believes that is the result of good parenting and schools.