A step closer

By on March 1, 2012

Village authorizes IGA with Rob Roy Drainage District No.2 to address Mallard Point issue
by Keith Beebe
SUGAR GROVE—Sugar Grove Village Board members on Tuesday voted 6-0 to authorize an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with Rob Roy Drainage District No.2 in regards to the Mallard Point/Rolling Oaks area drainage project.

The drainage project would allow for the installation of a pipe—30 inches in diameter and 8,800 feet long—that would convey water from the subdivisions to the Drainage District ditch located near Jericho Road and Route 30.

Following approval of the Rob Roy Drainage District IGA, the next steps for the drainage project will include an easement agreement with landowners, special assessment, Army Corps of Engineers approval, project bid approval, a Kane County IGA, pond/wetland proposal approval and SSA levy.

“I think it’s a step in the right direction and a long time coming. I think this will help the Mallard Point and Rolling Oaks people as we move forward in getting the project moving,” trustee Kevin Geary said.

According to the IGA, the village and Rob Roy Drainage District agree to the following:

• The village will submit all final plans from the village’s project engineer to the district engineer. The district hereby approves the village project and gives permission to discharge into the district system at or near Jericho Road east of Illinois Route 47.

• The village will reimburse the district for its professional fees in the amount of $10,000, with $5,000 to be paid within five days of site construction and the remaining $5,000 upon completion of the project.

• All parties will mediate any engineering issues or deviations from the submitted plans with Kane County engineering and their representatives. All parties will work in good faith to resolve the drainage issues facing the village, district and residents, and will work in a spirit of cooperation to achieve those goals.

• The district has passed an ordinance that, on its face, regulates certain conduct within the district jurisdiction. Sugar Grove is unwilling to agree or disagree as to the validity, applicability or enforceability of said ordinance. The parties agree that the execution of the agreement and the construction of this project shall in no way prejudice the rights of either party to challenge or defend said ordinance at a future time.
It is the intent of both parties to not affect the legal position of either party relative to said ordinance’s validity, applicability or enforceability by the execution of this agreement.

“I am pleased that we were able to come to terms with Rob Roy Drainage District, and we’re hoping to get final easements and a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers so we can get this project started,” Village President Sean Michels said.

The village last week hosted an Open House for the drainage project, featuring a presentation that outlined the project goal to “lower the groundwater table within the Mallard Point/Rolling Oaks area through gravity pipes, and improve the performance of the pond/wetland,” and documented the “routing of flows (agricultural tile, groundwater and stormwater detention) into a bypass tile to South.”

According to the presentation, cost allocation and annual residential payment for the drainage project is $2,084,236.24 ($1,048,715.16 for residents, $863,996.37 for the village, and $171,524.71 for the county). The total annual payment for year one is simply the special assessment payment—$394.10 for Mallard Point residents and $120.29 for Rolling Oaks. For years two through 20, an annual pond/wetland maintenance fee of $54.59 for Mallard Point residents and $36.85 for Rolling Oaks residents will be added to the special assessment payment, resulting in a total payment of $448.69 and $157.14, respectively.

The presentation also noted that the pond/wetland maintenance payments are based on current dollars and will increase with inflation over time.