Letter: In support of Corinne Pierog

By on March 8, 2012

I wish to call your attention to Corinne Pierog and her extensive preparation and readiness to head to Springfield as our 25th District Senator. She has fresh ideas to bring to the table for solving our state’s serious problems, with a commitment to job growth, community development, and education for a 21st century workforce.

She can be entrusted with wise budgeting of scarce Illinois tax dollars, promoting policies that reinvest in new and sustainable job training opportunities and key education, supporting small business and inspiring entrepreneurship, and ridding the despondency that prevails in so many our state’s downtown communities, as well as spirits. I am enthusiastic in my support for Corinne Pierog, and encourage you to give her candidacy your serious consideration and back it up with your vote.

Take a closer look at ElectCorinnePierog.com. She is capable, positive, smart, hard-working and ready to represent us.

Cheryl Krauspe