Letter: Endorsement for Kevin Burns

By on March 8, 2012

I am writing to endorse Kevin Burns for Kane County Board chairman.

As a former alderman who served close to 10 years and had the privilege of serving with Kevin, both as a fellow alderman and then when he became mayor, I know from experience that this is the right decision for Kane County. Mayor Burns was never a cookie-cutter politician. He understands that we serve for the greater good, yet we must hear from everyone. We look at all sides of an issue and then we can reach conclusion. He is not afraid to make the tough “not so popular” decisions. I watched him break a few tie votes in city hall while others were intimidated by a couple of angry citizens. He voted what he believed to be right.

I have seen Kevin vehemently defend himself and city staff, as a good leader should. I want a board chairman that will assemble a staff that he can defend and weed out those that he cannot. I’ve read an article that other former alderman speak of being “taken to the woodshed” publicly. I want a board chairman willing to take other elected officials to task. Let them know they can’t be condescending to staff or to him, and they better be prepared. It’s time that people stop expecting their hands to be held.

The city of Geneva continually cuts the budget creatively without cutting services. We have a great staff, a great group of elected officials and a great mayor. Let’s make him county board chairman and help Kane County continue to move forward in a positive direction through teamwork and with people who truly care about the citizens of this great county.

Bob Piper
Former Geneva alderman
Second and third wards