Letter: In support of Bob Tiballi

By on March 15, 2012

As a laboratory professional and Kane County registered voter, I write to wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Bob Tiballi for Kane County Coroner. Bob is the only doctor running for this office and is eminently qualified for this position.

Throughout his career as a physician, Dr. Tiballi has treated his patients with the utmost care and sincerity. Bob is a committed Republican but treats all his patients respectfully and without regard to political affiliation. He has held senior leadership positions at multiple hospitals and has a proven track record of being a successful manager and business owner. He is a staunch fiscal conservative and will not waste a dime of taxpayer resources. It is time for Kane County to elect a doctor as their coroner; the right person for that role is Dr. Bob Tiballi. I urge you to vote for Bob Tiballi.

Joan Thompson
St. Charles