Letter: Rickert endorses Wallet for auditor

By on March 15, 2012

It is my pleasure to be able to endorse Laura C. Wallett for the position of Kane County Auditor in the Republican Primary Election.

Laura operates her own accounting practice, providing services to many local businesses in Elgin, South Elgin and the Tri-Cities.

She has 22 years of accounting experience, a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, and is currently completing her MBA. Her stellar credentials have qualified her to sit for the CPA exam.

Laura brings a wealth of professional experience and knowledge to the office, and I have known her to be a trustworthy and well-regarded fiscal conservative. She has also volunteered her skills and leadership abilities to benefit many community organizations.

It is encouraging to see her positive, enthusiastic and energetic campaign and her commitment to use her expertise in public office. It takes skill and an eye for detail to be a successful Auditor. Laura Wallett is well qualified for the job.

David J. Rickert, CPA
Kane County Treasurer