Letter: A thank you to those who donated blood

By on March 22, 2012

You donated the “gift of life.” We and Heartland Blood Center thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The Sugar Grove Firefighters Auxiliary, Sugar Grove Fire Department and Heartland Blood Centers staff and all of our extra volunteers worked hard on a successful blood drive and deserve a big thank you.

A special thank you goes out to our awesome donors: Randi Bader, Susan Bader, Patricia Bergman, Emily Bingley, Dean Campbell, Chris Cooper, Gina Cumiskey, Matthew Curtain, Jon Diaz, Sue Diaz, Tony Dibella, Kari Douglas, Jim Eckert, Bob Farley, Aaron Frasz, Melissa Garza, John Girolamo, Melissa Gooch, Denise Goress, Mark Goress, George Hannemann, Dustin Hawkins, Jacquelyn Hindi, Kim Jablonski, Louis Jaeger, Jeff Jorgensen, Jeremy Jorgensen, Laura Keske, David Kriceri, James Magnuson, Sharon Marcellis, Bonnie Mateas, Sally McClellan, Tara McCann, Suzanne McCracken, Margaret Metzger, Nick Michels, Sean Michels, Nancy Mickelson, Joe Miller, Scott Miller, Brandon Mires, Lisa Molitor, Jennifer Mourousias, Larry Nolan, Nika Plattos, Jan Ray, Stephanie Reilly, Judy Rios, Monica Romero, Nina Romero, Brian Schiber, Stan Schumacher, Clyde Smith, Ted Smykowski, Christine Steenwyk, Jeff Steenwyk, Andrea Strobert, Colby Suits, Marisa Tenorio, Earl Thompson, Patricia Torza, Stephanie Turner, Alicia Weiss, Annette Wood, Ally Woody, Linda Wray, Sherry Young, James Zablocki and Kelley Zablocki.

We deeply appreciate those who attempted but were unable to donate blood. The next Sugar Grove blood drive is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 10.

Joy Rubo
Blood drive coordinator, Sugar Grove