Pay as you ‘Go Metra’

By on March 23, 2012

by Lynn Meredith
ELBURN—Regular Metra riders will now have new prices and new payment options for your commute. The Elburn Village Board passed a Pay-by-Phone program and parking permit pricing that will make paying to ride Metra easier and more convenient.

Pay-by-Phone is offered to consumers by Park Mobile, a system already in effect at the La Fox station, along with several others throughout Chicagoland.

The rate of $1.25 will increase to $1.82, for the convenience of calling or using a mobile app to enter the number of the parking spot. An extra 57 cents is charged to those commuters who run late and skip the machines in order to catch the train before it pulls out. They can simply call as they race to the train before the doors close. The transaction will register with Metra Enforcement’s records within one minute.

One-time registration is free by calling before using the service or signing up on the Internet.

Permit parkers will have the option to save money by buying ahead. In addition to the current three-month permit that saves $35 over four quarters, commuters will now have the choice to purchase a six-month permit for $145, or $290 a year, at a savings of $50 over the year. For $240, they can purchase a yearly pass that will save $100 over the year.

Starting April 1, a nine-month permit for the rest of the year, pro-rated to $183.75, will be available.