Letter: More vigilance is needed

By on April 5, 2012

We need to be more vigilant as to what is happening around us.

When we’re not looking, our legislators seem to pass another law limiting our civil liberties all in the name of safety. Yes, it does anger us when a driver is holding up traffic at a traffic light or on the roadway while they are talking on a cell phone, putting on make up or eating. Some of us will think that this is a distraction from driving; it is, but is it worth a new law limiting our civil liberties?

Look at some of the other recent infringements upon our civil liberties. Police can now issue a ticket for driving a little past a white line at a traffic light; police can file charges if we record voice or take a photo while they are issuing a ticket; police can now indiscriminately set up road blocks, pulling vehicles over to check to see if the driver has their papers (insurance) in order or if the driver is wearing a seat belt. Almost everyday we read about another camera being installed at a corner.

Let’s spend more time on safety education and less time legislating away our civil liberties. I’m not sure anymore if its safety our legislators are concerned about or if it is power that they are after.

If you and I are not concerned about what’s happening today, tomorrow we might find that we will receive a ticket, have to pay a fine or even go to jail for not giving the Gestapo salute.

Russell Johnson
Sugar Grove