Metra pay-as-you-go not going yet

By on April 5, 2012

by Susan O’Neill
Elburn—The new pay-by-phone option for Metra train riders set to start April 1 will be a few more weeks in coming, Police Chief Steve Smith said. Smith advised the Village Board on Monday that the department had “hit a snag” with the vendor.

The snag has to do with the fees the vendor will charge for the program to allow Park Mobile’s computers and the computers at the station to talk to each other, Smith said.

Park Mobile already offers the Pay-by-Phone system to commuters who board the train at the La Fox station, along with a number of other stations throughout the Chicago area, including the Chicago Transit Authority.

For an extra 57 cents, Elburn commuters running late will be able to avoid waiting to pay at a machine at the station. They’ll simply use their cell phone to make their payment of $1.82 once they board the train. The transaction will register within one minute.

“It’s taking a little bit longer than we had hoped for,” Smith said. “We had hoped for April 1 … It should be no more than a week or two.”