April 7 Sugar Grove election results

By on April 8, 2009

The following unofficial results are courtesy of Kane County. Winners are listed in bold.

Sugar Grove Village President

P. Sean Michels    957
Perry “PC” Clark    514

Sugar Grove Village Board

Joseph R. Wolf    600
Robert E. Bohler    733
David Paluch    601
Rick Montalto    627
Thomas F. Renk    661
Mary E. Heineman (Write-in): 450

Sugar Grove Community House Board

Vote for three
Stan L. Schumacher    957
Dan Long    938
Lillie Adams    1077

Tim M. Wilson    875

Sugar Grove Public Library Board

6-year term
Art Morrical    1352

Sugar Grove Public Library Board

Unexpired 4-year term
Joan R. Roth    942
Sabrina Malano    545

Sugar Grove Public Library Board

Unexpired 2-year term
William Wulff    327
Julie K. Wilson    794
Christina Cella    389

Sugar Grove Public Library Referendum

Yes    770
No    1277


  1. David Paluch

    April 9, 2009 at 6:21 PM

    I want to thank all of those who supported me during my first run for public office. I enjoyed the months of campaiging along with Rick Montalto, who is our new Trustee. Rick and I decided to team up, and work together in an effort to bring two new faces to the board. During the months of hard work, we put up over 350 signs, and visited nearly 1,200 homes. All the miles walked, and braving some cold and wet days was well worth it! The residents came out in better than expected numbers, and it was great too see the community support democracy!

    It was a great experience to meet the business owners and residents, and get an idea of what they wanted to see happen in the village for the next several years. Many of the people who we spoke with told us they normally don’t vote in these elections, but they would come out this year. I appreciate all of you who voted for me, signed my petitions, and allowed me to put signs in their yards. That really meant a lot to me!

    I also want to let the people know it’s important to keep involved in the community. Whether you have praises, or concerns, the village needs our input to improve and prosper. I want to congratulate Sean, Bob, Tom, and Rick on their victory. All of you are good people who will do there best to make Sugar Grove a better place to live.

    Thanks again for everyone who supported me!

  2. Tim Wilson

    April 14, 2009 at 6:36 AM

    It was nice to meet you and Rick. I give you guys credit for coming to my house and introducing yourselves. The turnout was low and disappointing. 3 of 4 registered voters didn’t bother to vote. Over all the final count was close. Thanks for taking the time to run for trustee and giving the voters a choice at he polls.