End (of negotiations) in sight for Elburn Station development

By on April 19, 2012

by Susan O’Neill
ELBURN—Village officials and Shodeen Construction representatives continue to work through the details of the annexation agreement for the Elburn Station development, with a special Village Board meeting set for Monday, May 14, to vote on the agreement.

Village President Dave Anderson suggested adding 5 or 10 percent to the fees annually, just to make sure the village is covered. However, Shodeen President David Patzelt said that the amount arrived at has already been negotiated as an average of three sets of numbers, and the amount the fees will increase annually has been set at the consumer price index for each year.

“We’ll work it out,” Anderson said after the meeting.

Also still to work out are the intergovernmental agreement between the Kane County Transportation Department and Shodeen regarding the right-of-way for the Anderson Road bridge, and the Kaneland School District fees.

Shodeen and School District officials have met, together, with their financial consultants, and discussed several points. However, School District administrators told Patzelt that they wanted the village to negotiate the fees. This will be the first school impact fee agreement a municipality in the Kaneland School District will enter into with a developer since the dissolution of the district-wide agreement.

Patzelt said that land/cash fees, transition fees and the number of students generated per household were part of the discussions. He said that, based on certified appraisals for the Anderson Road right-of-way, the district agreed to come down from $80,000 per acre for land/cash fees to $34,000 per acre.

Also, according to Patzelt, the district agreed to waive the transition fees for up to the 300th building permit within one year, with fees charged for building permits above that number per year. In addition, he said that the number used for how many school-age children are generated per household will be updated, using Kaneland’s current numbers.

Rather than an individual agreement with the School District for this particular development, Village Adminstrator Erin Willrett suggested the possibility of an intergovernmental agreement between the village and the School District for development in general.

Trustee Jeff Walter questioned cutting the impact fees in half for multi-family units where there are more than 10 units per acre. However, Patzelt said that is a very common practice, because with higher-density developments, fewer services are typically provided.

Shodeen will be back next week with “cleaned-up fees,” Patzelt said.