Downtown Elburn parking lot closes

By on April 19, 2012

by Susan O’Neill
ELBURN—Although the Community Congregational Church closed its parking lot on Sunday as promised, Elburn village trustee Jerry Schmidt asked the question anyway during Monday’s Elburn Village Board meeting.

“Does the (Village) Board have any interest in purchasing the lot?” he asked.

“Not without money,” Village President Dave Anderson responded.

The village received the same e-mail from the church announcing the closing of the lot as did the other businesses in downtown Elburn.

Citing insurance liability reasons, church moderator Sharon Lackey wrote that the decision was hard to make, knowing that the businesses in town could use the parking for their customers.

“We had hoped that the village of Elburn would see the value of the parking lot to the viability of the downtown businesses and make an offer for the lot so that it can continue to be available for public parking. This has not occurred, so the lot will be closed as planned on April 15,” Lackey wrote.

The church’s asking price for the lot was $250,000. The Elburn Chamber of Commerce paid for an appraisal of the lot, which was delivered to the church last week.

According to village trustee Jeff Walter, the village would only be able to offer the appraised amount.

“That’s all we can borrow against,” Anderson said.

The village declined to provide the results of the appraisal.

“That would only be made public if we would have made an offer,” Anderson explained.

There is a downtown parking lot owned by the village, located on the southwest corner of North and First streets, Anderson said. Employees from NAPA Auto Parts were parked there on Monday morning.

“It’s been a village lot for 15 years,” he said.