Kane County Health Department community garden plots now available

By on April 21, 2012

Kane County—Plots in the Kane County Health Department’s community gardens are now available, just in time for the start of the growing season. There are more than 1,300 community garden plots available throughout Kane County, primarily in the various Park District locations.

The prices and availability vary, but check out the website of your Park District for details.

“The best way to add fruits and vegetables to your family’s diet is by growing your own,” said Paul Kuehnert, Health Department executive director. “Besides having the satisfaction of growing it yourself and the savings you’ll see on your grocery bill, we know that a regular diet of fresh fruits and vegetables helps battle chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and cancer. That is why increasing access to and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is a priority in the Health Department’s Community Health Improvement Plan, recently adopted by the Board of Health.”

Plan your garden with your family. Not only will your children enjoy the family activity, they are more likely to try produce they helped grow. And you’ll enjoy the fresh air activity.

For more information on starting a garden, check out the University of Illinois Extension guide, “Ten Steps to a Successful Garden” at web.extension.illinois.edu/vegguide/tensteps.cfm.