MP continues work on energy aggregation

By on April 20, 2012

by David Maas
Maple Park—At Tuesday’s Maple Park Committee of the Whole meeting, Arnold Schramel of the Progressive Energy Group was once again present to update the board on the ongoing energy aggregation process, as well as to present his company’s recommendations for their Plan of Governance.

The Plan of Governance will act as a guide to all of the prospective energy suppliers as to what the village wants in their contracts, which will ultimately impact the rate they will receive.

“There are seven questions that a municipality should answer in their plan,” Schramel said. “We make recommendations on what we think will be the best for this village.”

After hearing the recommendations, the board advised Schramel on how to continue work on the plan. Among the decisions, the board decided against anything that would increase the rate they would receive, including reimbursement for administrative and legal fees, and not writing in a cancellation fee for residents who leave the service.

“If we write reimbursement in, it will increase the rate for the residents, we are trying to get the best rates possible,” trustee Suzanne Fahnestock said.

Along the same lines, the board agreed with all of Schramel’s recommendations that would benefit the village, as well as get them a lower rate.

“Although there are 33 licensed suppliers we could go to, we are only going to be looking at 13 distinct suppliers,” Schramel said. “These suppliers are further licensed to bill on the existing ComEd bill, making it easier for residents.”

Other decisions included having one rate for residential and small commercial customers, and choosing to aggregate with other surrounding municipalities to receive lower rates.

With these decisions from the board, Schramel will write up the Plan of Governance, which the board will approve after the second public hearing, scheduled for May 1.

“Things are looking good for Maple Park right now,” Schramel said. “It is a very healthy market for Energy Aggregation in Illinois.”