Michels’ State of Sugar Grove

By on April 20, 2012

Village President cites development, future projects
by Keith Beebe
SUGAR GROVE—At his State of the Village of Sugar Grove speech on April 12, Village President Sean Michels discussed recently completed projects, as well as projects he expects will be completed in 2012 or the next few years. His message was clear early the presentation: things in Sugar Grove are pretty good right now.

“We’re bringing in new businesses, as you can see. It’s a variety of things. That’s why I use the word “it”-it’s not just fast food, it’s not just commercial businesses, it’s not just industry … and things are going pretty well,” he said. “We’re able to take this time and plan for the future and put in some key infrastructure for when the residential boom does occur.”

Michels identified the groups and businesses that have arrived in Sugar Grove since his 2011 State of the Village of Sugar Grove address, including McDonald’s, Scot Industries, Producers Chemical, West Suburban Bank, emily kay salon, Cutz & Stylz hair salon, Jimmy John’s and St. Katherine Drexel Church. Michels called Jimmy John’s “the surprise of the year,” as Sugar Grove the last few years had been told it just wasn’t the right fit for a Jimmy John’s restaurant because the village “didn’t have the rooftops or traffic.”

“Each year, we keep updating our numbers, our rooftops, our traffic patterns, average household income, all of that. Finally, last year, we heard rumors that Jimmy John’s was going to come (to Sugar Grove), but we didn’t know when,” Michels said. “Come August (or) September (2011), we heard that the lease was signed, and then they pulled the building permit … and then it just sort of sat, so I included (in the presentation) they weren’t freaky fast in their opening … but now they are open. I stopped in (there) the other day, and they said it’s going very well.”

Michels said these businesses collectively brought in more than 125 employees to Sugar Grove.

“That’s significant. When you think of the multiplier effect that an employee brings to the community, it’s not fact that they’re just working here-typically they are buying gas or running to the Jewel or to one of the fast food restaurants to buy lunch or buy dinner,” he said. “Maybe they are going to the salon after work to get their hair done. It really starts to take off, and then with some of the other projects we have coming up down the road, I think you’ll see this multiplier effect really start to multiply.”

Those “other projects” include: a Walgreens slated for construction on the northwest corner of Galena Boulevard and Route 47 and expected to open in October; Hampstead Court assisted-living center, a 104,400-square-foot facility with 150 beds and 70 employees; completion of the Mallard Point/Rolling Oaks drainage project, which will involve the use of pipe-30 inches in diameter and 8,800 feet long-to convey water from the Mallard Point and Rolling Oaks subdivisions to the Drainage District ditch located near Jericho Road and Route 30; and improvements to the intersection at Cross Street and Route 47.

Michels’ presentation also touched upon future projects, such as an I-88/Route 47 interchange, widening of Route 47 south to Kendall County (phase 1 to be completed this fall), improvements to Bliss Road and Route 47, and Honda Jet delivering a jet aircraft to Sugar Grove in 2014.

“I am really proud of the fact that we are thinking for the future. Even though the growth is not here today, it’s coming, so we need to make sure that our infrastructure can handle it,” Michels said.

Michels said a $10,000 surplus is projected for the 2012-13 budget.

“If it comes in much more than that, we’ll probably just put it into roads,” he said.