Letter: Sugar Grove talks trash

By on May 3, 2012

The village of Sugar Grove and Waste Management were pleased to roll out the expanded refuse contract, which now includes a refuse toter. The delivery of the toters to all village residents is complete; however, it appears they have created several questions.

1. Will there be an increase in the monthly charge for refuse?
2. What do I do with my old refuse containers?
3. What if the containers is too large for my household?
4. Who owns the toters and what do I do if they break or are stolen?
5. Why did I get this toter?
6. How do I dispose of items properly?
7. Will there be an increase in the monthly charge for refuse?

1. There is no increase in the village’s rate for refuse service. The rate for 2012 will remain at $20.50 monthly. Additionally, for those of you who have been renting a toter from Waste Management, that charge will no longer be assessed.

2. There are a few options for your old refuse containers. You can put a note on them for the refuse hauler to dispose of them (they will be recycled), or you can label them with a permanent marker or a label (available at village hall) and use them for landscape waste.

3. If you received a large toter and are a senior or live alone and would like a smaller one, call Waste Management at 1-800-796-9696 to arrange to have it exchanged.

4. Both the recycling and the refuse toters are owned by Waste Management; please do not write your house number on either. If you move, please leave both toters at the home.

If a toter breaks due to normal wear and tear, Waste Management will repair or replace the toter. Residents can call 800-796-9696, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for routine repairs or exchanges. Toters that become damaged through misuse or negligence will be replaced at the homeowner’s expense.

5. The wheeled refuse toter was chosen for a few reasons. They will keep the village cleaner as they do not tip easily or have separate lids. This will help contain refuse on windy days and keep the wildlife out. They will also help keep costs down as they are automatically emptied, eliminating the need for Waste Management personnel to lift the toters, thereby preventing injuries. Additionally, as the toters are larger and hold more they will reduce the number of containers that need to be emptied, saving time.

6. Disposing of items can be confusing in part due to disposal regulations. Electronics must be recycled; white goods have long been banned from landfills; yard waste has to be disposed of at a composting facility; and not all items that appear to be recyclable are. If you are confused about what type of container to use, what you can recycle, wonder how to dispose of electronics (or what the difference between a white good and an electronic device) please check out the links below.

• Refuse should be placed in the Waste Management toter with the Green Lid
• Recycling should be placed in the Waste Management toter with the Yellow Lid
• Landscape waste should be placed in brown paper yard waste bags, or a container clearly labeled yard waste. Brush and branches must be in bundles no longer than 4 feet and tied with biodegradable string or twine; no wire
• White goods are picked up 2 times a year. Watch the website and the village newsletter for dates
• Electronics—see the list published by Kane County. Do not place them in with regular recycling

Make sure all your refuse, recycling and yard waste is at the curb by 6 a.m. on your regularly scheduled pick-up day. Please note that Waste Management generally will return for a missed pickup; however, a return fee may be assessed.

Cindy Galbreath
Village clerk, Sugar Grove