Elburn Police Department helps residents with lost pets

By on May 4, 2012

by David Maas
Elburn—Coming home from work and finding a family pet missing can be difficult to deal with, but the Elburn Police Department tries to make it easier on residents.

“We have cages at the department that we will keep dogs we find in,” Police Chief Steve Smith said. “We don’t immediately take them to Kane County Animal Control in Geneva.”

By doing this, the police give residents the chance to come home from work and realize their pet is missing.

“We like to keep them until sometime after dinner,” Smith said. “It’s more convenient for residents that way.”

When the pets are at the police station, they are kept in one of two cages, and are well taken care of.

“We have cages outside, and we check on them at least every hour,” Smith said. “We make sure they aren’t left out in any bad weather. If it’s too hot, cold, rainy or snowy, we move them inside.”

As well as accommodations, the department also makes sure they have anything else they need.

“Our officers take good care of them,” Smith said. “We make sure they have water, and we even have some dry dog food in case they are hungry. Some of them eat, some of them don’t, but we make sure they comfortable.”

If a resident of Elburn comes home and finds their pet missing, their first step should be to get in contact with the department.

“During business hours, residents should call our general number. After business hours and weekends, they should call 911. If we have their pet, we’ll let them know, and set up a pick-up,” Smith said.