Letter: Time to work together for the good of Elburn

By on May 17, 2012

I have had a PO Box for years in the town of Elburn. Now I see a problem that needs to be resolved in the best interest of all.

Four areas are to be considered in this problem. The town board, the business owners, the church in question and the customers.

First, I have heard it all: that the mayor does not really care. I happen to have known Mayor Dave Anderson for many years from school years to present day. I know him to be a fair and honest man who is concerned about the town. I also know that the town board has the responsibility to make decisions and vote on them. The only time the mayor has a vote is if the board ends up with a tie vote.

Second, the business owners: I am told many have offered to pay whatever the insurance and maintenance cost is to the church until such time that the parking lot is purchased or sold. No business owner is going to write a letter like this and possibly become a target for retaliation. They are willing to take money out of their own pocket to make this work.

Third, the church involved, I am told, is asking over $200,000 for the purchase price of the parking lot. As we all know, it (the parking lot) has been fenced off with post and cable. They claim that there is too much liability if they leave it open. My question there is what if someone in the dark of the night trips and falls over the low, looped cable and is injured? There is liability. Also, I am told that the property has been appraised at much less than the asking price.

Fourth, the customers (after all, they do pay the bills): How do you expect seniors, handicapped and others to walk a far greater distance in the rain, wind and heat of the summer to do business In downtown Elburn? Let’s not forget that Route 47 is going to be worked on, and that means less parking on Main Street during this work period.

The churches that I belong to have always worked to help in any way, shape or form, the members, other people and the community in God’s name. My request to all involved is that you bring to the table a willingness to arrive at a blessed compromise and continue to carry on that town of Elburn’s good name and reputation.

Lee Newtson