Letter: We have choices

By on May 17, 2012

Whew! What did you think about your most recent property taxes? Mine went up nearly 12 percent, and I don’t like it.

We have choices about how much we get taxed, but only if we’re willing to do something about it.

In harder times, it doesn’t matter if our assessments go down … because the rate just goes up. In better times, it doesn’t matter if our rates go down … because the levy still goes up. Property taxes are directly correlated to government spending.

Our taxes constantly go up because government spending constantly goes up. Until we elect people who pledge and deliver to either freeze or reduce the spending levy, there is no hope to avoid being taxed out of our homes. Property values have substantially decreased, but our property taxes continue to increase.

I defend our county, appreciate our forest preserves, enjoy our park districts, and deeply respect our public school system. However, I will not forfeit possession of my home in exchange for spending growth in any of these government agencies.

Again, until we elect leaders who at least pledge to freeze or reduce spending that drives the property taxes, you will be taxed out of your homes—that means county board chairman, every county board member, every school board member, etc. Get county board members committed to you in writing before the election, and I will make sure that we keep the promise to live within our current means without coming to you for more.

That is at the county, Fox Valley Park District, and forest preserve levels of government. The school districts are up to you and those we elect to school boards.

I am the only candidate for county board chairman who has unambiguously pledged to freeze the county’s property tax levy. And, I enthusiastically seek the challenge to do the county administration work and will not turn this responsibility over to another unelected, highly paid government employee.

The choice is yours.

Senator Chris Lauzen