NIB-12 roster to drop by 1 in 2014

By on May 24, 2012

by Mike Slodki
KANELAND—Northern Illinois Big XII action is going to look different in a couple of years.

Kaneland athletics director Leigh Jaffke was informed by e-mail on Friday that Dixon will leave the NIB-12.

“Their superintendent suggested they look elsewhere,” Jaffke said on Tuesday. “They were open and upfront and now the conference has to look for new options.”

Jaffke also said Streator High School was looking for a new conference on suggestions of its superintendent but could not find appropriate suitors.

“According to bylaws, Dixon has two years left in the conference, and the conference will see who’s out there. We’d like to expand and get eight and eight on either side,” Jaffke said.

Jaffke said the conference had been talking with two schools recently, but the locations by the Indiana and Iowa border was an obstacle.

“The travel would be insurmountable,” Jaffke said.

With Dixon’s departure, the West Division is left with five teams: Geneseo, LaSalle-Peru, Ottawa, Sterling and Streator.