Letter: Shocked by tax bill

By on May 31, 2012

My wife and I received our tax bill last week. We were shocked, to say the least. We got a $1,500 increase from our last tax bill. We couldn’t believe it. We’re on a fixed income, and got that for an increase? Really? Many words went through my mind, but none that can be printed.

Most of my adult life I worked as a drywall finisher. This was hard, physical labor that required me to have a knee replacement and, soon, a shoulder replacement. This was just part of the job, and I accept and understand it. However, I don’t understand the reason for this non-elective colonoscopy that I just received. Upon retiring, life changed. No more getting up at 4 a.m. to go to work. The other change was to watch how we spend. There is less going out to dinner, and more having dinner on our deck surrounded by nature. There are those that retire making as much, if not more than they did when they worked—all on the taxpayer’s dime. I’m all for it if they paid for it, but not on the taxpayer’s dime. Our founding fathers didn’t make a career out of politics.

I have heard that the reason we got nailed with the maximum tax hit is that loans have come due. We didn’t have the population explosion we were supposed to have, and the bottom fell out of the job market. You should have voted for the other guy, but that’s another story. What would be wrong with re-negotiating the loans? Go to these institutions and have them re-negotiated. After all, things have changed. Boy, have they ever. Oh, I almost forgot … what if they refuse? Give the buildings back to them, and see what they do with them. I have even been told that my wife and I could get hit again next year for the same amount.

Change is coming to my wife and I again. We may have to sell our house and downsize just to live in this area. Is it really worth it to live in one of the most broke and corrupt states in America? Don’t forget to vote this fall.

Chris Halsey
Sugar Grove