Elburn village notes

By on April 9, 2009

by Martha Quetsch
Officials asked to pay for plow damage
The Elburn Village Board will decide whether to reimburse a resident the cost to repair her vehicle for damage she says was caused by pieces of asphalt flung onto it from a municipal plow, Public Works Director John Nevenhoven told the Village Board on Monday.

Elburn Police Chief Jim Linane said when the plow went by, the resident’s car was parked in the parkway next to her house at the southwest corner of First and Kansas streets. Linane said that type of damage can occur from the normal operation of a snow plow, if a vehicle is parked along the street instead of in a driveway.

Nevenhoven asked the vehicle owner to obtain three estimates for the repairs, but the Village Board has not decided whether to pay the bill.

Nevenhoven said that after he submitted a claim for the vehicle repair cost to the village’s insurance company, the company informed him it would not cover the repair cost. Village Attorney Bob Britz said he will look into the matter of liability and report back to the Village Board.

Public can learn about Bike-to-Metra guide
The village of Elburn will hold a public meeting to obtain comments from residents on its Bike-to-Metra guide. A draft of the guide will be available for public viewing at the meeting, at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 21, at Village Hall, 301 E. North St., Elburn.

The guide will contain a map with preferred bicycle routes within a five-mile radius of the Metra station in Elburn, as well as bicycling and railroad safety tips.

The village is developing the guide with help from the League of Illinois Bicyclists to promote biking, especially to the commuter station.

The village will pay for the $4,000 project with a grant it received from the Public Education and Enforcement Research Study that Elburn Police Chief Jim Linane obtained from the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Village makes trash, leaf ordinance more lenient
The Elburn Village Board approved a less restrictive garbage ordinance on March 16, allowing residents to put their trash cans out starting at 3 p.m. Tuesday and bring them in from the curb by 9 a.m. Thursday.

Another change in the ordinance is that residents may place bags of leaves (but not grass) on the parkway at any time during October and November.

The board’s decision voids the ordinance approved in May 2008, allowing garbage and recycling bins and leaf bags to be placed on the parkway no earlier than 6 p.m. on Tuesday and to be removed no later than 11 p.m. on Wednesday.

New ordinance regulates event signs
A new ordinance in Elburn allows people to place a garage sale or open house signs in a parkway without first obtaining consent of the owner of the property along the parkway.

In addition, the ordinance approved March 16 by the Elburn Village Board requires that garage sale and real estate open house signs be placed in the parkway no earlier than the first day of the event and moved immediately after the event ends.

Also under the new ordinance, all such signs also must bear the sign owner’s name, address and telephone number; and, if residents object to signs that are in the parkway along their property, the signs’ owners must remove them.

Village allows team to use fields
The Elburn Village Board recently approved a license agreement with the youth baseball team the Illinois Diamond Owlz for the use of the village-owned Blackberry Creek Subdivision south playing fields in 2009.

The agreement authorized the Owlz to use the fields during its season April 7 through July 19, every weekday evening except Monday, and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Under the agreement, the team will pay the village $10 for the season and maintain the two fields during their periods of use. Village officials are considering raising the license fee in the future.

The Owlz are among several youth baseball teams that have agreements with the village for the use of Blackberry Creek playing fields.