Maple Park selects energy provider

By on June 15, 2012

by David Maas
MAPLE PARK—As the process of energy aggregation continues in Maple Park, the village has locked in its rates, offering residents savings in the coming years.

“We chose First Energy as our supplier, for a two-year contract” Village President Kathy Curtis said.

Though the village’s broker, the Progressive Energy Group, recommended multiple suppliers, Curtis said First Energy had the lowest two-year price.

“I also valued their experience in the market, which we will be relying on to support our residents,” she said.

Com Ed prices are currently 7.7 cents per kilowatt hour (kwh), and shortly, will be raised to 8.039 cents per kwh.

“Our rate for two years with First Energy will be 4.99 cents per kilowatt hour,” Curtis said, “If Com Ed’s prices ever fall below that, residents always have the ability to opt out.”

The new prices from energy aggregation will be put into effect for residents of Maple Park in August.