Audit Hotline

By on June 24, 2012

KANE COUNTY—Kane County Auditor Bill Keck on June 6 announced the implementation of the Kane County Fraud and Compliance Hotline, also known as the “Audit Hotline.”

“Our goal is become more pro-active in stopping the misuse of taxpayer dollars” Keck said.

The Audit Hotline can be used by citizens, vendors and employees to identify and report financially fraudulent, wasteful or abusive practices within the Kane County Government. These reports can be phoned in to the Audit Hotline (630) 23-AUDIT (630-232-8348), emailed to, online at, faxed to (630) 208-3838, in
person or by mail to Kane County Audit Hotline 719 S. Batavia Ave., Room 100, Geneva, IL 60134.

“The Audit Hotline is another tool for increased transparency and accountability in our county government,” Keck said. “Its success will depend on the willingness of employees, vendors, and citizens to report credible information about fraud, waste and abuse in Kane County.”

The Audit Hotline is used only for reporting fraud, waste and abuse within Kane County Government. It should not be used to file complaints about a neighbor, private business or any other non-government issues.

Callers can remain anonymous, as caller ID has been removed from the Audit Hotline and no personal information is required on any form of reporting.

“We would like to see callers identify themselves so if more information is required to start or complete an investigation, we can follow-up with the caller” Keck said.

If callers decide to identify themselves, their information will be protected and kept confidential unless required to be disclosed by the law.

Examples of what should be reported:
• Theft of county resources
• Misuse of county equipment or property
• Improper activities by County officials, employees and contractors
• Payroll and expense claim fraud
• Wasteful, excessive, unnecessary or inappropriate purchases or expenditures
• Fictitious vendors/supplies or false invoicing
• Embezzlement

For more information contact the Kane County Auditor’s office at (630) 232-5915 or visit their website at