MP decides against TIF district IGA

By on June 21, 2012

by David Maas
MAPLE PARK—The village of Maple Park on Tuesday decided against entering an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with the Kaneland School District regarding TIF dollars.

By state law, the district would already receive funds raised by the TIF district for new students. An IGA was entertained to benefit both sides.

“Given the state formula, they would be entitled to a certain amount of dollars, but they would have to count the kids, and it would be restricted in its use,” trustee Debra Armstrong said. “In an IGA, we could have it so they wouldn’t count, and if we declared it a surplus, they could use it for anything.”

While there were arguments for and against an IGA, the current state of development within Maple Park is a major factor in the decision.

“We have nothing in development,” Village President Kathy Curtis said. “I don’t see any construction happening, so I see no revenue coming in. I can see putting something on paper to protect the future, but how do we do that without knowing what the future will bring?”

As well, the board enacted the TIF in order to improve the village—its primary focus at this time.

“Right now, I’m opposed to an IGA. I serve the village,” Armstrong said. “The people in this town deserve things; we are trying to keep everything in the village together.”

“Our interest right now should be development,” trustee Steve Nowak said. “We need development before we worry about an IGA.”

While the village will focus on development for the future, they are not ruling out an IGA with the Kaneland School District when that development comes to Maple Park.

“I think we should talk to the district,” trustee Terry Borg said. “We need to find out if they want to go down this road, and find out where the district is at with this.”