Guest Editorial: SG police responds to rumonrs of child abduction attempt

By on June 28, 2012

by Investigator John Sizer,
Sugar Grove Police Department

Numerous emails are being circulated around the village and to the media regarding multiple child abduction attempts that are factually incorrect.

The Sugar Grove Police Department has not said there was a fourth attempt of child abduction.

The Sugar Grove Police are investigating three reports that are, as of this time, being classified as suspicious persons or vehicles. There was a fourth report taken by the Kane County Sheriff’s Department in Prestbury. At this time, it appears that this incident is not related to anything in Sugar Grove.

If there had been a confirmed attempt to abduct a child, the Sugar Grove Police Department would have put out a notification through the media and village email.

We do not believe that any of the incidents are related. We have four different vehicle descriptions and different descriptions of the drivers.

In the latest incident that occurred at approximately 11:30 p.m. on Monday, June 25, four young girls reported a dark-colored van driving slowly as it passed them. The driver never exited the vehicle, stopped or said anything to the girls. This was not an attempted abduction. Two of the reported incidents occurred on the evening prior to garbage pickup. It is possible that these subjects were simply scavengers who will frequently drive slowly though the subdivisions in search of scrap that has been placed on the curb for pick up.

The police are taking these reports seriously and will follow up on all tips and leads. We want the citizens to continue to report incidents that they feel are suspicious; however, it is not helpful to pass on information that is inaccurate and creates undue concerns or fear.

We continue to urge all citizens to contact the Police Department if they have any public safety concerns. We will follow up on all reports.