Letter: Rude Corvette drivers ruin Saturday afternoon in Kaneville

By on June 28, 2012

It’s a shame that a beautiful drive in the country, and a chance for a parade, turned into another day of distress and insult on Saturday afternoon.

To the Bloomington Gold Corvette Drivers who came through Kaneville again this year: Thank you to those drivers who respected our small-town way of life by driving within the 30 mph speed limit. As with most years, the first 20 minutes of the “parade” featured drivers of cars with mufflers, who were driving the speed limit. Thank you to those considerate guests in my town. They would be welcome here again. But after the first half hour, it deteriorated to a road race of roaring automobiles, doing 60-70 miles per hour within our 30 mph town borders. Every year, there are a couple hundred drivers (out of the 700 projected participants) who spoil the magic for everyone. To these very rude drivers going twice the speed limit past my home inside the village, I say, “Good riddance.”

To the Kaneville village trustee who dismissed my protestations, I say: If we issue a parade permit, formally or informally, there should be a speed limit. Parades do not travel at 60-70 mph with pedestrians at the roadside, as these drivers passing my house did for more than two hours on Saturday.

To the organizers of this event, who have ignored my written protestations and phone calls for the past four years, let me explain: I welcomed the Corvettes the first time they came to town, until the high-speed inconsiderate drivers treated my calls to “slow down” with utter disrespect. You would be welcome in my quiet little town if you were courteous. After getting the one-fingered salute from several speeding drivers roaring past my front yard, please listen to me when I say that guests like these are not welcome.

On the Bloomingtongold.com website, I see the acknowledged organizers of the event include the Kane County Sheriff, the St. Charles Police Department and the St. Charles CVB. So, Kane County Sheriff, what am I to think when I watch you next week stopping speeders going 45-50 mph in Kaneville, while this weekend you allowed these scofflaws with their expensive toys to invade my Saturday afternoon at 70 miles per hour with tires squealing and mufflers roaring? As sponsors of the event, I expect that passing riders should have understood that “30 mph means 30 mph.”

I hear that this event will move to Champaign, Ill., next year. I hope they treat their downstate hosts with more courtesy.

Joann Murdock