Public comment on Elburn Station development remains open

By on July 5, 2012

by Lynn Meredith
ELBURN—The public hearing on whether or not to annex the Sho-Deen development into the village of Elburn has been open since May 27. Yet only one person has come to the meetings to expresss their opinion to the board. If you have an opinion of the development, Monday, July 16, may be your last chance to air it.

“The criticism we hear is that the (Village) Board is pushing (Elburn Station Development) through, but (the public hearing) will be open for a full two months, and so far only one person has commented,” Village President Dave Anderson said.

The majority of the board voted to keep the hearing open until July 16, when it will be closed and a vote on whether to annex or not will be taken.

During this time, the board has been negotiating an Intergovernmental Agreement with the School Board that would require developers to pay land/cash dedications and school impact fees. It has also been resolving fees the developer would pay to connect water and sewer into the village.

The proposed 506-acre development calls for 2,275 residential units with a maximum density of 6.61 units per acre.

Sho-Deen representative Dave Patzelt called for the board to vote on annexation at Monday’s meeting, and asked, “Do we have a project or not?”

Trustee Bill Grabarek said he was not comfortable voting, yet, until the village learns more about the Anderson Road Bridge project.

The public hearing will continue on July16 at 7 p.m. at Village Hall.