Library seeking public feedback on hours

By on April 9, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
Sugar Grove Public Library staff have created a survey looking for feedback on what library patrons and district residents would like to see in the new library. A major focus of the survey is which hours patrons would prefer to have the library open.

When the operating expenses referendum did not pass in November 2006, library hours were cut from 58 to 47 hours per week. The library is currently closed Monday morning, Wednesday evening and Friday afternoon. Some of the children’s programs and all of the adult programs were suspended.

The referendum voters were asked to consider on April 7 was for a tax rate increase that Library Director Beverly Holmes Hughes and the Library Board said is needed to adequately operate the new facility.

Prior to the April 7 failure of the referendum, Hughes said that if it did not pass, the same dollars available to operate the current 6,000-square-foot building will be available to operate the new 27,430-square-foot building. This means that further cuts in the hours will be necessary when the new building opens in August.

Hughes added that even if the referendum had passed in April, the library would not have seen the additional level of funding until July 2010, and residents would not see the increase on their tax bill until June 2010.

Given that a reduction in hours is likely later this year, library staff would like to know what schedule works best for the most people. The Library District includes the village of Sugar Grove, unincorporated Sugar Grove Township, unincorporated Aurora in Blackberry Township and Montgomery residents who reside in Sugar Grove Township. It serves about 15,000 residents.

Residents may access the survey through links provided at the library’s website at

Hughes said she is available to answer questions about the survey and library services. Residents may stop by at the library at 54 Snow St., e-mail her at director@ or call her at (630) 466-4686.