Curtis wins in Maple Park by 18 votes

By on April 9, 2009

by Lynn Meredith
Eighteen votes decided the race for village president of Maple Park. Kathleen Curtis edged out incumbent Ross Dueringer in a 176 to 158 vote.

Dueringer won the Kane County side of the village 107 to 84, but lost on the DeKalb County side, 92 to 51. He called it “one of those things.”

“I did the best I could. I have no regrets. I was honest,” Dueringer said.

Dueringer served as president for four years and in other capacities on committees for a total of 19 years.

“I’m done. I’ve been doing it for 19 years. That’s long enough. I’ll let somebody else have a chance,” Dueringer said.

He said it was a close race, but one that was conducted with decency. Curtis agreed.

“Ross and I both worked at it and kept it clean,” Curtis said.

Curtis has served as chairman of the Financial Committee for the last four years. She looks forward to taking on the role as president and working with the newly elected trustees, Debra Armstrong and Suzanne Fahnestock.

“The talent of the trustees is phenomenal. It’s a great group,” Curtis said.

She said that her first order of business will be to call the trustees together and appoint them to committees.