Guest Editorial: Elburn Station negotiations a ‘good chess game’

By on August 10, 2012

by Ron Rosecky, Elburn resident
For those of us who appreciate a good chess game, a beauty has been going on here in Elburn for quite a while now.

On one side, we have the Village Board, consisting of seven men trying to negotiate terms and conditions for the future of Elburn after the Anderson Road bridge is built and completed. On the other side is a very successful and quality-focused builder (ShoDeen) who wants to build a subdivision near the Elburn Train Station and see Elburn grow.

Each side has been involved in strategic moves and counter moves in hopes of arriving at an agreeable conclusion of what they feel would be an acceptable victory for each side.

The Village Board absolutely needs your feedback and input. To those of you who have attended Planning Commission hearings, I applaud you. But do not presume the Planning Commission and Village Board are identical and/or similar. In order to let the Village Board know how you feel, it is imperative you come to the possibly final open meeting on this subject. Monday, Aug. 20, 7 p.m. at Village Hall, 301 E. North St., is your chance.

The work and negotiations that have been going on have been unparalleled. I commend both sides on their steadfastness and dedication. Let’s hope we both win.

Consider this as an invitation to a wedding. Will you sit on the bride’s (Elburn village) side or the groom’s (ShoDeen) side?