Letter: Mallard Point/Rolling Oaks drainage project ready to set sail

By on August 16, 2012

On Aug. 1, a pre-construction meeting was held for the Mallard Point/Rolling Oaks drainage project. The purpose of the meeting was to walk through the project with all principals involved to review the schedule and contract documents, and to identify key contacts that would be involved at each stop of construction.

Work will begin at the south end near Jericho Road and progress north to the Mallard Point/Rolling Oaks drainage area. The project includes the installation of 8,800 feet of pipe, dewatering and work on the detention pond near Mallard Park. The majority of the work will be completed within easements on open land granted by private land owners. Work will begin by the end of August, but could begin as soon as the end of next week.

An important step in the project—the movement of water to the south through the new pipe—will occur approximately 45 days after the start of the project. In total, the project is scheduled to be substantially completed in 150 to 180 days.

Although one cannot literally sail on the Mallard Point Rolling Oaks detention area, the village expects that the project will sail through construction.

It should be noted that this project will not affect traffic flow, only water flow.

Cynthia Galbreath
Village Clerk
Sugar Grove