Fun Fest: Casual fun gets official

By on August 30, 2012

Fun Fest hosts inaugural bags tournament
by Lynn Meredith
Maple Park—Tammy Mocedy, her husband and their friends always spent time at the Mocedy’s house playing a triathalon of games after the Maple Park Fun Fest’s Romp in the Park and before going to watch the Toilet Bowl Race. They would all kick in $5 and play three different games. Then Tammy had the idea to expand the games.

“We like to do active stuff. We can only include six couples (in the bean bag toss) or it’d take all day to play,” Mocedy said. “At the drawdown for the fireworks, I thought ‘I’m such an organized person. I really should get involved.’”

True to her nature, Mocedy got on the Fun Fest Committee to talk about what they could do that would be something different. She pitched the Bags Tournament, and the committee approved.

The tournament will take place at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at North Park. It will be a blind draw, so participants don’t need to have a partner to enter. There will be at least eight boards, borrowed from members of the community, and the partners will be drawn randomly.

“It’s just a fun way to get friends together. Even if you have a bad partner, you’re still going to have fun,” Mocedy said.

The atmosphere will go along with the fun, with music by Mocedy, who herself is a D.J., and alcoholic beverages will be permitted at the event.

The game will follow the legal rules for bean bag toss, in which the object is to hit 21 points, versus local versions that take points away if a player goes beyond 21.

With a Maple Park league of bags already established in town, Mocedy’s friends may have a contest on their hands.