Fun Fest: Titleholders retire

By on August 30, 2012

Passing down the commode to a new generation
by Lynn Meredith
Maple Park—The combined forces of three women decorating a toilet bowl to win Best in Show in the eighth annual Toilet Bowl Race for the last several years. Their husbands have won for speed five years in a row. Both winners will give way to the next generation as they pass down the commodes to their kids.

Celina Slowick, Lexi Slowick and Aly McPhee will replace Best in Show titleholders Colleen Slowick, Amy Jendruczek and Beth Miller in this year’s race. Evan Catanag, Mace Jendruczek and Josh Cline will take over for speed winners Chuck Miller, Lorenzo Catanag and Craig Askew.

“It’s an extremely sad story,” Beth Miller said. “Basically, my entire team retired on me. So, we are handing over our toilet to the young’uns in the neighborhood.”

Over the years, the trio would spend an entire year looking for just the right items to decorate their themed commodes. One year, it was “Pretty in Pink.” Another year it was “Pot of Gold.” Last year’s winner,“Holy Crap,” was decorated with beautiful angels.

The husbands not only won for speed last year, they took the Best in Show title from their wives with a rig entitled “Poo Brothers” based on Blues Brothers.

Miller, with tongue firmly in cheek, calls it like she sees it.

“The husbands are also retiring … because they are too old and can’t take the pressure. It’s the only form of exercise they get. I guess it proved too much for them,” Miller said. “Their toilet will be handed down to the next generation of runners. The teenage boys of the neighborhood will race.”

The event begins at 1 p.m. Saturday on Main Street. Each team consists of one pilot and two pushers. Time trials will be held as racers run the course in more or less random pairings.

“When you have a group of big burly guys and a group of teenage girls, it’s hard to pair them up,” race organizer Pat Mudinger said.

Mudinger said that he typically doesn’t know how many contestants there will be until race time. In order to encourage advanced registration, he offers a $5 discount for those who let him know ahead of time. Otherwise, the fee is $15 to race.

Prizes are $100 and a trophy for first place, $75 for second place and $50 for third place.