Anderson seeks re-election

By on August 30, 2012

by Lynn Meredith
ELBURN—Elburn Village Board President Dave Anderson recently announced that he will run for re-election in 2013.

A life-long resident of Elburn, Anderson was elected board president in May 2009. Prior to being elected, Anderson worked as supervisor of Blackberry Township. He has also acted as chairman of the village of Elburn Zoning Board of Appeals, been a three-term board member and past president of the Kaneland Board of Education and chairman of the Delnor Hospital Board of Directors.

He attributes community support, board support and issues still to be resolved as being what led to his decision to run again in April.

“There are some issues that I’d like to see carried out. The Comprehensive Land Plan, the Anderson Road Bridge project, if not completed ( while in office), at least close to being completed,” Anderson said. “Hopefully, the economy turns so we can be on the positive side. Our wants are many, but our needs are few.”

The toughest challenge for Anderson during his term was the elimination of positions and the cutting of payroll. Budget constraints led to the commander position in the Police Department being cut, three full-time Building Department positions eliminated, and two administration positions lost to attrition not filled.

Anderson said that this term saw an increase in water and sewer charges, but that the contract purchasing of electricity helped ease the pain.

“The increase in water and sewer charges did not make any of us happy. But it was wrong for us to continue losing $20,000 a month,” Anderson said. “To offset that, we did get involved in contract purchasing of electricity more than balanced the increase of water and sewer with the decrease of electrical bills.”

Anderson sees the challenge of managing the budget as ongoing. He also continues to fight for the Local Government Distribution Fund that Springfield has taken back, reneging on its agreement to allow municipalities to keep 10 percent of local sales tax revenues. Anderson testified in Springfield a year and a half ago and led the board in writing state legislators to urge the state to continue this agreement.

If re-elected as village president, Anderson wants to focus on economic development.

“We want commercial and industrial development to get a good healthy balance with residential as far as residential taxes go. We want to be business friendly,” Anderson said.

Anderson expressed his support of the community.

“One of the things I’m most happy for the community is parental involvement and community involvement with our kids, watching kids in youth soccer, football, cheerleading, dance … that’s what makes Elburn the community it is,” he said.