Maple Park passes Kaneland IGA

By on September 7, 2012

by David Maas
MAPLE PARK—The Maple Park Village Board on Tuesday voted 4-2 to approve a intergovernmental agreement with the Kaneland School District for developmental impact fees.

“This agreement deals with any developer who is developing on newly annexed land within the village,” Village President Kathy Curtis said.

This is the same agreement Elburn and other surrounding municipalities have agreed to, and will institute the tables and fees Kaneland will receive from new development.

“By instituting this, it sticks with our philosophy of development paying for itself,” trustee Terry Borg said.

By adopting this agreement, the village believes it will be better for all future development in the district.

“This is the right thing to do. It places us on a level playing field with all other municipalities when it comes to development,” Borg said.

The agreement will go into effect in October and continue for 10 years, ending in December 2022.

The board also voted 5-1 to raise water/sewer rates for an infrastructure improvement that includes four segments of new water main.

According to Borg, the impact of this improvement on minimum water and sewer users is nearly a 30 percent rate increase in their bi-monthly bills, approximately $12 per billing period or $72 per year.

Borg said that, while the improvements on the north side of Maple Park—roughly half the job—make sense, the impact on the south side makes little sense today since the larger pipe will be bottlenecked by its smaller feeder main. “The five trustees voted for a Cadillac solution when it is neither immediately needed nor affordable by many of the Maple Park residents,” Borg said. “While I supported the north side improvement, I could not support the entire project and thus voted no. Hence, this vote has made me realize that, without my voice, no one else would have raised question. While I had been considering not running for re-election, perhaps my board participation is still needed to ensure (that) critical thinking, evaluation and discussion occur.”