Letter: Letter of thanks to the Elburn Leos and Lions Club

By on September 20, 2012

We would like to extend our thanks for the generous gift to our family from the Elburn Leos and Lions Club. On June 30, they held a fundraiser to help offset the cost of a multi-service dog for our daughter Kara Peters. We have never felt such an outpouring of support.

Kara was born with Down syndrome and later diagnosed with autism. As she has grown older, Kara’s challenges have begun to limit her ability to access everyday activities. Kara has difficulty transitioning, as well as not understanding the dangers of everyday life. Although Kara enjoys being with friends and family and going places, there are times that she is unable to manage these environments.

We are hopeful that, when her dog joins our family, it will give Kara the confidence she needs to be successful and keep her safe, as well.

This is an opportunity given to our family by the Leos and Lions, but also the community who came out to support the event, the generous persons who donated their items for raffle and silent auction, and the band One Sam Ten.

We had a wonderful time at the event, and were truly humbled with the generosity of this community. We sincerely thank the Leos and Lions Club for giving Kara and our family an opportunity to help Kara find her way.

The Peters family