Letter: In support of Tao Martinez

By on September 20, 2012

The office of coroner requires a dedicated person who can make decisions in a professional and ethical manner. Even though this office is an elected position, it requires a person who can make decisions without the interference of partisan politics.

In the upcoming election, the citizens of Kane County have an opportunity to elect a man that will perform the duty of coroner in a professional and highly ethical manner.

Tao Martinez is an ethical man who will perform his duties based on facts in each death investigation. I have known Tao for several years, first meeting him and his wife at our annual Kentucky Coroner’s Conference, where he delivered a presentation this past year.

I served as coroner in Kentucky for over 18 years, as deputy coroner for four years, and currently as executive secretary of the Kentucky Coroner’s Association. While serving years in the coroner’s office, I now understand a coroner must make unpopular decisions based on the facts of a death investigation. Many times in politics, officials tend to make decisions based on popularity or financial backing. This is why I feel Tao Martinez will make the citizens of Kane County an exceptional coroner.

Tao understands the meaning of performing the duties solely on a case-by-case basis with each case determined by facts.

I urge the voters of Kane County to consider Tao Martinez for your next coroner. Tao is a man you will be proud to say you cast your vote for as coroner.

Brian L. Ritchie
Former Kentucky Coroner