School Board approves IGA with Maple Park

By on September 22, 2012

by Keith Beebe
KANELAND—Kaneland School Board members on Sept. 10 voted 6-0 to approve an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with Maple Park in regard to land-cash and school impact payments.

Trustee Ken Carter was absent from the meeting.

The vote came two-and-a-half months after the School Board approved an IGA with Elburn. According to a document from Kaneland Superintendent Jeff Schuler, Kaneland and Elburn at that time agreed to approach other municipalities previously included in the IGA, with the intention to “again develop a common agreement among all municipalities served by the School District.”

Maple Park Village Board members on Sept. 4 approved the IGA with Kaneland.

“We are pleased with the IGA recently established with Maple Park. The conversation with Maple Park was very similar to the conversation with Elburn,” Schuler said. “The terms of the agreement had already been established, so there was not really a negotiation involved. Instead, Maple Park simply needed some time and information to determine if a common agreement served the interest of their community and the school district. We are pleased that they approved the agreement.

According to Schuler, Kaneland is currently in IGA talks with Cortland, Kaneville and Montgomery.