Letter: Save the Kaneville Post Office

By on October 4, 2012

The United States Post Office has begun a process that threatens the village and township of Kaneville with a loss of identity and a loss of vital services.

With a letter and questionnaire, which reached our P.O. Box holders on Saturday, the Post Office is asking us to tell them why the Post Office in Kaneville should remain open, or open with reduced hours. We understand that these letters, within a few days, will also reach Kaneville residents who receive home delivery.

This is a serious issue, and I am asking for the support of every resident of Kaneville Township and village. Please take this letter seriously. Return your questionnaire right away and express your support for keeping the Kaneville Post Office open.

Frankly, as a daily patron of the Kaneville Post Office, I don’t understand the logic of cutting hours or closing our Kaneville Post Office. This small office has large and growing revenues. It has a positive cash flow, and it brings in plenty of revenue every month. And the Post Office is an important landmark business in our small but thriving downtown. It simply does not make sense to close a thriving and growing office that is generating positive revenue in a growing part of Kane County, part of a large metropolitan area.

Don’t hesitate. Don’t delay. Support our local Post Office now, or we may lose it forever. If the Kaneville Post Office closes, we will lose our town name in our address—our town identity. Just a few years ago, Kaneville residents did the hard work to incorporate ourselves as a village. We are small, but we are determined and we are a community. Help us to save our name and our town identity.

Joann Murdock