Guest Editorial: Principal Appreciation Week is Oct. 22-26

By on October 11, 2012

Do you want to tell a school principal that you appreciate them? If so, you’ll get your chance in a little under two weeks.

Oct. 22-26 this year will mark the 23rd annual Principal Appreciation Week in Illinois. The week-long celebration will culminate with Principal Appreciation Day on Friday, Oct. 26.

“Very few individuals have the ability to impact a student’s life like our educational leaders do every day,” said Aaron Hill, president of the Illinois Principals Association. “The overall operation, vision, and success of a school lies directly with the building administrator. All building administrators work tirelessly to ensure the success of our schools and to make sure our students are provided every opportunity to succeed. I encourage everyone to observe Principal Appreciation Day as our educational leaders deserve recognition for their dedication to our students.”

According to the Illinois Principals Association, Principal Appreciation Week provides school learning communities an opportunity to publicly recognize the work, commitment and importance of principals, assistant principals, and deans throughout the state.

“Research has proven that the building Principal’s impact on student achievement is second only to that of the classroom teacher when considering school based factors,” IPA Executive Director Jason Leahy said. “Principals and educational leaders impact students’ lives in a significant way. Speaking as a former principal and having visited dozens of schools throughout Illinois, the quality of a school’s learning environment and the ability of a school to do what is best for its students comes as a direct result of the leadership provided by the school’s principal and leadership team. Courageous leadership is essential to effectively educate students and work to provide the resources and support they need to be successful in the 21st Century. It is important that we recognize and encourage our schools’ leaders.”

Be sure to recognize and encourage your school’s leader the week of Oct. 22-26. After all, principals show their appreciation for students year-round by trying to make their school a better place, but Principal Appreciation Week only happens once a year.