MP to move foward on 2012 Watermain Project

By on October 13, 2012

by David Maas
MAPLE PARK—Maple Park Village Board members on Oct. 2 reviewed the proposed 2012 Watermain Project with Village Engineer Jeremy Lin.

“We are waiting for village approval on the loan, which would replace watermain pipes on Elm, Willow, Center and Pearl (streets),” Lin said.

The goal of the review was to better understand if the project is necessary, as it would result in a rate increase on residents’ water bills.

“The existing 4-inch pipes are aged, and are deteriorating,” Lin said. “These pipes were selected as a priority to replace.”

In addition to preventing any potential problems with the aging pipe, the village would also benefit from the project by way of increased flow capabilities and circulation, Lin said.

“Not just in the areas the pipes will be replaced, but within the whole system,” he said.

After hearing Lin’s report, the board agreed to move on with the project.

“It was good to revisit these questions the board had,” Village President Kathy Curtis said. “The user charge will need to be implemented immediately.

The rate increase will add about $12 per water bill, and is meant to provide the village with funds to repay the loans taken out for this project.

“Now that we’ve heard the report, it makes more sense now to go forward with the project,” trustee Terry Borg said.

After multiple discussions on whether or not the project needed to be downsized or started at all, the project can now begin as originally planned.

“After this project is completed, there won’t need to be any more improvements made until the time the village sees substantial growth,” Lin said.