Letter: Senate candidate Pierog supports tax relief

By on October 19, 2012

People today are struggling to find jobs, to pay bills, to keep their homes. When they are hit with high real estate taxes, it can put them under water. Many residents in District 25 are faced with this problem. They need relief.

Illinois is ranked as the seventh-highest property taxed state, and Kendall County is the 24th-highest taxed county in the nation. In order to address this tax burden, Illinois needs to rebalance the revenue it receives from property, sales and state income taxes. It also needs to look at ways to save tax dollars. One place to start: cut the number of taxing bodies within the state. Illinois has more local governmental units than any other state—6,994. This can lead to duplication of services and higher property tax bills.

However, the primary recipient of local property tax dollars is our public schools. There are over 800 school districts in Illinois, and 50 of them rely on the state for more than 60 percent of their funding. In 2013, lawmakers cut the level of the state’s contribution from 92 percent to only 89 percent of the $6,119 that is mandated per student.

Illinois ranks 49 out of 50 in its level of funding support for public education. Education funding can either support or slam the door on our residents’ economic futures. We’ve been promising to repair the way Illinois funds its schools for over a generation.

It is now time to live up to our pledge.

Corinne M. Pierog
Democratic candidate for Illinois State Senate District 25