Residents show up to comment on Elburn Station vote

By on October 19, 2012

ELBURN—The Village Board meeting room on Monday was filled to capacity with Elburn residents voicing their concerns and displeasure regarding the pending vote to pass the annexation agreement for the Elburn Station development.

Some residents were against the development in light of the economic situation. Some thought that the village should wait on growth. Others, such as former Elburn Plan Commission member Rich Stewart, had concerns with the density of the project.

Stewart said that with 2,000 housing units currently in Elburn, the ShoDeen development would add another 2,000 units, effectively doubling the population of Elburn. In addition, the development’s 2,000 units would sit on a piece of land that is one-third the current size of the village.

Elburn resident Fred Hodack, speaking on behalf of the “silent majority” of residents who want Elburn to grow, said now is the time to act on the development.

“I couldn’t be stronger for approval of this development,” he said.

He said that whether or not this development was approved, Elburn was not going to stay small, and that “putting your head in the sand” would not change that.

“I’m not against growth,” Stewart said. “I’m against this plan.”