Letter: Violence is avoidable

By on April 16, 2009

The recent rash of horrible homicides and homicide/suicide incidents nationally has made all of us aware of just how important mental health and the services supporting mental health are in these chaotic times.

Many recent incidences of fatal violence appear to be the result of the stress, strain and ultimate despair for the individual involved. The bad news is that the times may not get better real soon. The good news is that violence, as a result of depression and despair, can be avoided.

In south Kane County, we are blessed to have not one, but two resources for those mentally in crisis. The first would be the Fox Valley Crisis Line, (630) 482-9393, operated by the Association for Individual Development. The second is the Suicide Hotline (1-800-SUICIDE or (630) 482-9696) provided through Suicide Prevention Services. These crisis services are supported by Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services, Inc. and the townships of Aurora, Batavia, Big Rock, Blackberry, Kaneville, Sugar Grove and Virgil with your local tax dollars.

If you or a family member are considering harming yourself or someone else, please call one of these numbers and get the professional support or help you need in order to prevent a serious tragedy. Violence due to anxiety and depression is preventable with the right help. Please ask for help to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Jerry J. Murphy
Executive Director
Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services, Inc.
Local Mental Health Board for south Kane County