Kaneville Board talks Post Office hours

By on October 25, 2012

Calls for residents to attend Nov. 1 meeting
by David Maas
KANEVILLE—Kaneville Village Board members on Oct. 18 discussed the upcoming forum that will outline the possibility of reduced hours for the Kaneville Post Office.

The forum is slated to take place at noon on Thursday, Nov. 1, at the Post Office, 2S101 Harter Road, Kaneville.

Due to a lack of funds, the Postal Service is looking for ways to cut costs. Village trustee Pat Hill believes the Kaneville Post Office is in the Postal Service’s financial crosshairs.

“It sounds like they aren’t going to close the Post Office, but that they may already be set on reducing the hours,” she said. “Everybody in the village uses our Post Office. It’s important that we do everything we can to keep it.”

Village Board members during the meeting stated that, while they understand the Postal Service needs to make cuts, it would be unfair to cut from Kaneville’s Post Office.

“Our Post Office is different then other local offices,” Hill said, “The rent for our post office is low—about $200 a month. It isn’t a big building.”

Aside from the low rent, Hill also cites their hours are already reduced.

“The Post Office is already open seven hours instead of the normal eight,” she said. “And they want to cut another three-to-four hours off of that.”

The board called on the help of Kaneville residents to show their support for the Post Office and attend the Nov. 1 meeting.

“Let’s make an effort to get as many people as we can to get out here and show their support,” interim Village President Rick Peck said.